Probate And Trust Administration Provide Peace Of Mind

Don't Be Afraid Of The Probate Process

When it comes to estate planning, a big concern for individuals and families in Michigan is the distribution of assets upon the death of a loved one. Many people are wary of having to deal with the probate process, but it is a requirement for Michigan estates. Knowing what to expect in advance can remove a great deal of worry for many people.

At my firm, McCleary & Associates, P.C., I have helped thousands of people over the years to prepare their estates for probate. Most of the time, the probate process is an informal one, not requiring litigation, and is nothing to be afraid of. It is a straightforward process, but the more a family prepares through the estate planning, the fewer surprises there will be.

Trust In Over 25 Years Of Legal Experience

From my Grand Blanc office, I also serve as a trust administrator for estates to supervise the distribution of assets. My experience as an attorney in this area can make the process less difficult for family members who have other obligations they must attend to after the death of a loved one.

Having a lawyer experienced in probate or trust administration can be especially useful in the rare cases where a will is challenged or is presumed lost.

It's never too early to start thinking about the probate process. Please contact me for a complimentary consultation about your case. Call me today at 810-553-6910, or complete my online contact form to reach me. I serve clients in Grand Blanc, Flint and throughout Genesee County.