Planning Your Estate Is Not Something To Postpone

Estate planning is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Every individual and every family faces unique circumstances regarding wills and trusts. For some people, a simple will is enough to properly address their needs; others will require a more comprehensive strategy.

At my law firm, McCleary & Associates, P.C., I'll sit down with you to help you decide the strategy that is best for you. I've been helping people in Grand Blanc, Flint and all over Genesee County for more than 25 years with their life planning as a lawyer. I've handled countless estate planning cases in Michigan over the years, and I look forward to sharing my experience with you.

I am one of the few attorneys in our area who handles firearms trusts, which are also known as NFA trusts. These trusts can streamline the process of acquiring and transferring ownership of a firearm to a beneficiary.

What Do You Want To Accomplish With Estate Planning?

Among the tools you can utilize are:

  • Wills, which specify how your assets are to be distributed
  • Trusts, which can establish income for your loved ones
  • Durable powers of attorney, which designate a representative to act on your behalf
  • Guardianship and conservatorship, which can provide for your care in case of incapacitation

In all cases, it is important to set goals to make sure that these instruments are properly funded so that your wishes can be fulfilled. We may need to examine transferring deeds or retitling assets in order to accomplish this. I recommend that my clients visit with me on an annual basis to make sure their plans are up-to-date and funded at an appropriate level.

Get The Help You Need

Don't hesitate to call me to schedule an initial consultation. I can be reached at 810-553-6910, or complete my online contact form to reach me. I work with clients throughout Genesee County, including Flint and all neighboring communities.

DocuBank provides 24-hour emergency access to your health care directives. We include DocuBank as part of our estate planning services to ensure your living will or health care directives will be immediately available at the hospital whenever you need them, via fax or online, around the clock and around the world. Always carry your DocuBank emergency card in your wallet. Don't forget to periodically update your emergency contact and medical information stored with DocuBank by calling toll free 866-DOCUBANK or by visiting

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