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When people think about estate planning, what often comes to mind is creating a will. While a will is certainly a big part of an estate plan, it is far from the only component that should be considered. The potential for complexity means that having an experienced, thorough lawyer working for you is the key to making sure your voice is heard and your wishes are heeded.

I'm David McCleary, and at my law firm, McCleary & Associates, P.C., in Grand Blanc, Michigan, I'm committed to making sure my clients' estate plans work for them and give them peace of mind about their future. I'll listen to how you want to handle your estate planning, and offer you my suggestions based on my quarter-century of legal experience. I represent clients throughout Genesee County, including in Flint, in all kinds of estate planning matters.

Plan For Your Future — And That Of Your Family

Because I've worked on thousands of probate and estate settlement cases over the years, I know that it's important to work with people I trust. I take that same tack when it comes to your case: I am eager to work with your accountant, your financial planner and even your doctor to ensure that you accomplish what you intend to with the estate planning process.

As a respected, experienced estate planning attorney in Grand Blanc, I am prepared to handle matters such as health care directives, probate and trust administration, elder law, including guardianship concerns and trusts. I am also one of the few attorneys in our area who handles firearms trusts, also known as NFA trusts. This special type of trust can streamline the process of acquiring and transferring ownership of a firearm to a beneficiary.

I'm looking forward to discussing your situation with you. Please call me today at 810-553-6910 to arrange a free consultation. You may also complete my online contact form to reach me. I work with clients in Flint and throughout Genesee County.

DocuBank provides 24-hour emergency access to your health care directives. We include DocuBank as part of our estate planning services to ensure your living will or health care directives will be immediately available at the hospital whenever you need them, via fax or online, around the clock and around the world. Always carry your DocuBank emergency card in your wallet. Don't forget to periodically update your emergency contact and medical information stored with DocuBank by calling toll free 866-DOCUBANK or by visiting